Due to our innovative system you will recieve file in less than a minute no matter where are you located!

What is
Smart TUNE?

Smarttune is innovative system which is developed by ZDX Performance engineers and developers.

It's an automated file tuning and EGR, DPF/FAP, DTC, Vmax, lambda, AdBlue removal system which is available online.

Every day we are adding new ecu's which are supported by our EGR, DPF/FAP, DTC, Vmax, lambda, AdBlue online removal system.

How Does it


Register and Buy Credits

First thing to start with us is your own
account registration.


Read Your Original File

Read your ECU and send original file to us.
Use only professional tools.


Upload the Original file

Upload and Send the original file to Us, it's
simple and easy!


File Review by SmartTune

Our SmartTune system will automatically
detect the corresponding optimized file and
it's available options in our database


If Your Car is Not Yet
Supported by SmartTune

Our engineers will take care of your
request within 60 minutes or less

Our individual service completes the SmartTune offer on a daily
basis. This gives you the guarantee of a personalized work on the
vehicle software. As soon as the file is ready, you are notified in
order to download it.


Payment and File Download

Choose one of Our payment options, pay
instantly or use Your credits. Remember: more
credits you buy - better price you get.


Tuned File Writing

Import Your final tuned file into your car,
Enjoy the ride!

Why ZDX?

Available Stages And Options

Find Your Car


After Tuning

Total Gain -